At Bellevue we know there is more to modern Kitchens than cabinets and basic appliances. Today’s kitchens are fully integrated designs, custom made specifically for the individual home. They encourage appreciation of culinary arts and fine décor.

We understand that a Kitchen should be an integrated part of both your lifestyle and home. And we realize that this shoule be achieved without undue stress, without compromise and without breaking your budget. Renovations are a big decision, but there is no reason to rush. We listen, and we design accordingly.

Custom Design

Many home owners have a general idea of what they want from a new kitchen, but need some advice when it comes to finding the right design.

Bellevue specialise in Kitchen design, and know how to follow through with the best results. We can find the right look and right functionality for your Kitchen. And we make your home better in the process.

Our Services

  • Kitchen design specifically for your home
  • Component manufacture in our factory
  • Installation of the Kitchen in your home.
  • Kitchen renovations.
  • Consultancy on renovations.
  • Cabinet and joinery design and manufacturing
  • Computer aided design, and accurate design illustrations.

Things to Consider

  • The available space and shape of the kitchen
  • Walk in pantries
  • Cabinet space
  • Positioning of appliances – fridges and ovens
  • Air extractors for cooking
  • Colour design
  • Easy clean surfaces
  • Lighting
  • Cabinet facilities, slide out storage, automatic lighting

Our Combined Services

Bellevue Kitchens provide a complete design and renovation service. We know that this makes for a much easier process, and achieves optimal results in reasonable time. By combining our design and factory manufacturing facilities in one company we provide a streamline operation. Our designers know what our company is capable of, and our factory can delivers on what they design. Customers are better for the combined services we provide.

Our History

Our Builders have installed custom Kitchens and related renovations in many homes and businesses.

Each home and business project has a design made exclusively for their situation. Whether we undertake Kitchen renovations or a unique custom kitchen design our cabinets, joinery and building process are integrated to give the best design and installation experience.