Concepts We Like

Kitchens and cooking are a combination of art and science. We believe our kitchens should be designed with this notion in mind.

Custom Kitchen design means having something that appeals to our way of thinking and working. This means both appealing décor and functionality, and perhaps not making a distinction between these approaches. Well-functioning equipment, cabinets and other designs can be a little inspiring when it comes to using our kitchens.


  • Lids stored inside cupboard doors, using small curtain holders or a rack
  • Small items hanging inside cabinet doors
  • Rotating carousels inside cabinets, so you can access everything at the back
  • Magnetic attachments for knives or spice containers
  • Slide out storage shelves and trays
  • Slide out extra bench space
  • Slot for storing cutting board
  • Using the space above your head, which otherwise goes to waste
  • Hanging pots and pans above you head
  • Hard covers for the sink, so you have more bench space
  • A rolling wire cart with items used on a regular basis
  • Fold down table, for one or two breakfast diners
  • Smaller items stored inside larger items
  • Kitchen island – everything in the centre of the room, with access from all sides
  • Small draw under sink for washing utensils
  • Vertical storage for trays, cupcake tins and pizza pans
  • Rods for hanging spray bottles
  • Wine, beer and bottle racks
  • Lots of places for plants

Good designs use can make use of every bit of space, while still preventing the overall space from feeling crowded.

We provide Custom Cabinets

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